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About US

About Us

Let us develop solutions and innovations for transport and energy projects.

As a consultant in transport, energy and innovation, we support companies and public authorities in the research, implementation and financing of innovative solutions.

Our main missions are to research and implement innovative solutions but also to identify the costs of research and development and finally, to support the general management to improve the management of teams in these areas.

To achieve our goals, here are our 3 action items:

  • Financing resilient transportation and energy infrastructure
  • Supporting the deployment of renewable energy networks
  • Supporting the deployment of advanced digital technologies
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Business planning

We target the different elements important
to the viability of the project.

We write the documents which aim to project the development of innovative projects and to convince the different decision makers to invest in these projects. This business plan allows our clients to define the methods and deadlines necessary to achieve their objectives.

We target the different elements important to the viability of the project such as its legal structure, its location, its market study, its strategy, its distribution network, its milestones, the technologies that are useful to it, its type of financing, its financial plan and its cash flow forecast.




We identify all the aids and subsidies concerned by the project.

Innovative projects are the object of much attention from the public authorities. Our granting department is the result of a thorough, personalized and complete research on the aids and subsidies for our clients' needs.

We identify all the aids and subsidies concerned by the projects at the European, national, regional and local levels. We bring them our expertise to optimize the financing of these projects.

Financial programs to support innovative projects:



EIC Accelerator

Horizon Europe



Regulation & Compliance

We reflect on regulatory evolutions that impact the implementation of ideas.

Regulation and compliance are important issues in project development. It is at the heart of the strategy, organization and development of any system.

We have therefore decided, in order to accompany our clients' projects in the most complete way, to reflect with them on the regulatory evolutions that impact the implementation of their ideas.

Normative targets in the development of projects in the transportation, energy and innovation sectors:


Fit for 55

Training & Education

We support projects and people whose objective is to discover and train for jobs in innovation and transportation, a sector of the future.

One of our priorities is to support the younger generation and all those who wish to enter the vast world of innovation and transportation. To do this, we believe 100% in the concept of "Continuous Learning".


This type of learning allows us to constantly adapt to new technologies, practices or methods applied and to continue to develop according to the evolution observed in innovation.

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